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Managing Media archieves and physical assets has never been this easy

Archives, museums, and production houses deal with physical assets worth millions. Managing media archives and physical assets has never been this easy. The complex process and technology to store, protect, track,and manage these assets have made management solutions difficult and expensive up until now. Honeycomb's modern approach and architecture make it the ultimate product to manage assets of all types. Honeycomb enables advanced search and cataloguing of your assets,opening new possibilitites to control, access, and monetize assets.

Centrolized Inventory

Centralized tracking for multiple Locations.

Tracking and visibility

Locate your assets in a couple of clicks

Movement Monitoring

Track movement of your assets and minimize losses or misplacements.

Customizable Workflows

Each organization is different. Set up a customizable workflows that suit your needs.

Easy Integrations

Service oriented architecture, API and microservices allow you to easily integrate with other systems such as MAM, and DAM

Cloud Storage

Safely store digital content of your physical assets on the cloud and access from anywhere.

Smart Cataloguing

Catalogue all assets with precise metadata, compatible with standards like FIAF, EN15907, etc..

Advanced Tracking

Add on RFID / GPS / NFC tags to accurately track the location of assets inside and outside your Storage Location.

Honeycomb makes it easy to implement and scale

Honeycomb can be implemented as a standalone Storage and physical asset management system. You can get the basics done and start seeing the results in days or weeks instead of months. From there, you can scale to millions of assets. You can extend the capabilities of Honeycomb with optional IOT based movement tracking using GPS, RFID and NFC.

Connect Honeycomb to your MAM,DAM, and ERP systems easily with our APIs

With API integrations, Honeycomb lets you extend the capabilities of your existing MAM, DAM or ERP systems and brings your physical assets into the fold. This allows you to digitize the physical assets and store them in MAM/DAM, manage and track the movement of the physical assets and handle the workflow relating to your physical assets through your existing systems.

Don’t let your assets collect dust. Protect them and monetize them.

The assets you hold are not only valuable to you but may be more valuable to someone else. Why let it rust in the backroom? Honeycomb connects your physical assets to a digital platform to manage, catalogue, search, track and give you all the tools you need to monetize them by providing access to the ones who value your assets

Honeycomb puts you ahead of the curve

Honeycomb’s modern architecture with microservices andcloud native design gives you a technology edge. Dashboards, metadata management, cataloguing, configurable workflows, cloud storage options and various levels and layers of tracking makes Honeycomb compelling for every organisation that requires Asset Management System and Archival

Honeycomb Manager is a product from Prasad Corporation, who has been at the forefront of the film preservation, digitization, restoration industries and digitization of records and archives for over 65 years. Trusted for our high standards, cutting-edge technology, world-class services, and pioneering work, we are the preferred partners for many major Hollywood studios, broadcasters, archives, and content owners worldwide.Honeycomb manager adheres to FIAF compliance and archival standards.
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